Vision & Dental Insurance in North Carolina

Vision and dental insurance are often excluded from traditional health insurance. We offer separate, standalone plans for vision or dental benefits that can be used on top of you health insurance.

What Vision Insurance Can Cover

  • Eye exams. Eye exams can be instrumental in providing an early detection of eye disease, any developing vision problems, or a need for corrective lenses.
  • Eyewear. Glasses and contact lenses can be expensive but are often at least partially covered by vision insurance. Sometimes prescription sunglasses are covered as well.
  • Lens coatings and enhancements. Some vision insurance plans can help with the cost of a lens coating. Lenses can be coated with substances to decrease scratching, moisture, reflections, and exposure to the sun’s rays.
  • Surgery. Surgeries that are deemed medically necessary, such as a procedure to treat an eye injury, infection, or disease, will often be covered by a health insurance plan. Corrective surgery, such as LASIK, is generally not covered by health insurance because it is considered “cosmetic” surgery.

What Dental Insurance Can Cover

  • Preventive care. Routine dental exams and cleanings and are covered in by most dental insurance policies.
  • Restorative care. Minor procedures to treat damaged or decayed teeth, such as fillings.
  • Endodontics. More involved procedures like root canals.
  • Orthodontics. The installation, maintenance, and removal of braces and retainers.
  • Periodontics. Treatment of gum disease, infections, and lesions.
  • Oral surgery. Oral surgeries include teeth removal, the drainage of infections, and gum tissue biopsies.
  • Prosthodontics. Fittings and installations of dentures and bridges can be at least partially covered.