Renters Insurance in North Carolina

Do You Need to Have Renters Insurance in North Carolina?

Renters insurance in Clinton, NC isn’t required by law, but your landlord may require that you have it in order to live in the building. You should want to have some form of renter’s coverage because the coverage your landlord has won’t pay for damages to your personal property. In the event of an accident, burglary, or fire, you are responsible for replacing all your belongings.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover in North Carolina?

Your renter's coverage in Clinton, NC will cover different things but it’s always important to check with your specific policy. An agent at Powell's Insurance can help make sure you understand your policy and what exactly it covers.

  • Personal Property: This is one of the main reasons why you should have renter’s insurance in the state. It provides protection for the contents of your home and the belongings of others who live with you. It’s subjected to a designated amount that you and the insurance company agree on. Coverage is also limited to certain types of property. Money, furs, stamps, coins, or jewelry may not be covered but you can add an additional amount of insurance to cover these items. Some perils that are covered include fire, windstorms, smoke, theft, vandalism, and falling objects.
  • Personal Liability: This section of your coverage helps if you damage another person's property or injure someone. It will also cover if you or someone in your house are responsible for damages to the property.
  • Medical Payments to Others: This section pays for necessary and reasonable medical expenses for someone, other than a resident of your home, who is injured accidentally at your property.
  • Loss of Use: Loss of use coverage will help pay for additional living expenses if your apartment or home is damaged by a peril that is covered and you can’t live in your home. These expenses can include meals and temporary housing.

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