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One of the fastest-growing job markets in the United States is pet-sitting. But as the industry grows, so does the necessity to have pet-sitting and bond insurance as well. Being a new startup, it can be confusing and overwhelming on the type of coverage needed, but Powell's Insurance of Clinton, NC can help to sort out all of the trouble areas.

Guide to Pet-Sitting and Bond Insurance

Starting a pet-sitting business can be a very risky proposition. The cost, the time and effort to make this endeavor a success becomes too much of a burden for some. Often, many owners cease the business shortly after opening the doors as the return was less than expected.

Pet-sitting and bond insurance is an important business tool to protect your wealth from the risk of outside actions when an accident occurs. The policy offers the type of coverage that gives you as a business owner some peace of mind that your investment is well-protected. You have some cushion from financial ruin if a mishap takes place while pet-sitting an animal for a client.

We have all met individuals in North Carolina who have mentioned they were "insured and bonded" for their business. Now, everyone understands the insurance portion of that statement, but we're confused on why someone needs to be bonded. A business or individual being "bonded" means they're protected from being accused of theft or mysterious disappearance of a client's personal items. Accusations will occur from time-to-time but being bonded protects your pet-sitting business from financial disaster.

General Liability is Key to Pet-Sitting and Bond Insurance

General liability coverage protects your pet-sitting business from unexpected accidents such as bodily injury or personal property damage caused by your work-related actions. Yes, the coverage from general liability insurance is extensive, but it won't protect your business from every possible situation.

However, you're covered if while sitting a pet and they attack an innocent bystander on a walk. Also, you're protected if they damage their owner's personal property while under your care. Let's just say that general liability coverage protects your pet-sitting business from any type of negligence.

If you're interested in learning more about how pet-sitting and bond insurance can help grow your business, then speak with a representative from Powell's Insurance from Clinton, NC. They can provide a better understanding of the coverage offered. Take the time and schedule an appointment today!

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