Why New NC Parents Need Life Insurance in North Carolina

September 30, 2021

Having a new baby is among the most exciting things that can happen to someone. With that comes a life of worry about whether you are doing enough for them. Congratulations! One thing that you can do to ease at least one of your worries is take out a life insurance policy.

This alone gives you a little more sleep at night. At Powell’s Insurance, we want all new parents in Clinton, NC to understand how important it is to take care of this matter so that you know you’ll always be taking care of them.

You Have Dependents

Having dependents is the key reason anybody purchases life insurance. If you have worried even once, and you have, what will happen to them if you died, then you need life insurance. You won’t have the financial worry about that problem anymore.

If you have a dependent and want some of their concerns tended to when you are gone, life insurance is a good thing to get as a new parent.

You don’t have to invest a lot upfront to take care of this problem for the time being. There are two kinds of life insurance.

Permanent life insurance is a long-term solution where your life insurance becomes a cash value asset for you, and your loved ones. Term life insurance does not have a cash value. You pay a monthly fee, and a one-time benefit is paid out if you pass away before the term ends.

A term on term life insurance is anywhere from 10 to 30 years.

What Will Their Expenses Be?

If you were to pass away suddenly, what would the expenses of your child or children be? This is how you determine how much life insurance to get.

You want enough to pay the death costs, and many want their children to have living expenses after they are gone as well. The amount you decide on will depend on the age of your children, and what their expenses will be.

Get a Quote

Getting life insurance isn’t the big hassle that a lot of people make it out to be. At Powell’s Insurance, we want new parents in Clinton, NC to take this worry off of their mind. Call us today for a quote.