Do You Need More Liability Insurance in Your Auto Policy?

August 16, 2021

At Powell’s Insurance, we provide Clinton, NC residents and those in the surrounding area with high-quality liability auto insurance. But is there a time when you might need to increase your liability policy? Yes – there are several instances when this option is the best choice for you.

When You Need More Liability Insurance

Your auto insurance policy should include various liability coverage options that help minimize how much money you pay if you hurt someone or damage their vehicle while driving. However, there may be times when you need to increase the amount of liability you possess. These include when you:

  • Experience Multiple Crashes – If you have gone through multiple crashes in a short period, you may want to consider upgrading your liability coverage to minimize how much you pay.
  • Travel Frequently – Do you get in your car a lot to drive to various places, including for work or fun? Then, you might want to upgrade your liability coverage to minimize issues.
  • Let Teens Drive Your Vehicle – Are you letting your teenager drive your vehicle? If so, you probably want more liability coverage. The risk of their crashing is much higher than yours.

Talk to your insurance provider to learn more about the different increases that you can utilize. These may include enhancements like an umbrella insurance policy and other types of liability increases that help make your policy a more effective and efficient option for your automobile’s needs.

Don’t Neglect This Upgrade

If you think you want more liability coverage for your auto insurance, please reach out to us at Powell’s Insurance to learn more. We service Clinton, NC and the surrounding area. We can provide a higher level of liability coverage that will protect you, your family, and other people on the road with you.