How commercial insurance protects a small business

Operating a small business comes with risks. As a savvy business owner, you will assess your risks and use that information to determine what type of commercial insurance can protect your business. Not all businesses have the same level of risk, but some commercial insurance types are beneficial to most businesses. At Powell’s Insurance in Clinton, NC, we understand the risks your business faces, and we will work with you to put together a business policy that makes sense. As an independent agency, we can offer coverage from a selection of top-rated carriers. 

Business property insurance helps to protect your business’  physical assets. It doesn’t matter if you own the building your business operates out of or rent. It would help if you still had property insurance to protect you from fire, theft, or other covered hazards. In addition to the building, this insurance also covers your business equipment, computers, records, machinery, inventory, and raw materials. All the things you need to do business. 

Business liability insurance is vital to any business. Getting sued or being involved in a legal action can be emotionally and financially devastating. Having enough insurance to feel safe is important. This insurance can cover a judgment against you and the legal expenses that result from it. 

Business interruption insurance is something that most small businesses can benefit from. If your business is closed by a covered hazard, this coverage will get you the money you need to meet payroll and your regular operating expenses. Be sure to read your policy to make sure that you are aware of any exclusions included in the policy. 

With over 40 years of experience, Powell’s Insurance in Clinton, NC has the expertise to help your small business get the coverage you need. Gives us a call or stop into our office for a no-obligation quote. 

Why do I need to have a home inventory

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility and worries. So many things can go wrong; the world is filled with hazards. Having a home insurance policy with enough coverage to provide peace of mind helps. It also helps to have an insurance agent you trust to be there when the time comes to file a claim on your home insurance. Powell’s Insurance in Clinton, NC has more than 40 years of experience serving the resident of the area. 

When you file a home insurance claim, having a home inventory makes the process go a lot smoother. When you lose your personal property, you will have to tell the insurance company what you lost. When you have suffered a loss, sometimes there is not a lot left to remind you of all your possessions. What a home inventory does is to provide all the backup information that your carrier will ask for. It gets things moving a lot quicker.

You can make an inventory with a pad and pen, or you can make a digital one using pictures. No matter which option you choose, it is vital that you give as much detail as possible. Be very descriptive with brand names, date of purchase, model, and serial number where appropriate. Attach any receipts that you have for the items included. Once you have created the inventory, you must put it someplace safe to easily get to it after a covered event. 

When you need an insurance agent who can assist you in Spanish and English, Powell’s Insurance in Clinton, NC is the one to call. We will be here to help you if you ever need to file a claim. If you are looking for an agent you can count on, we won’t let you down. Give us a call or stop by and let us make sure you have the coverage you need.